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Visit of Oswestry School in Munich

Peter Middleton, Headmaster of Oswestry School and Ferdinand, who is interested in this British school, harmonised so well with each other when they met in our office on 18 November that the following joint Star Jump was an easy task for both of them!

Foto Ferdinand


Open Challenge: "The Ageing Population & Social Change" on 19/12/22

The digital programme series "Catalyst" of Winchester College deals with current social topics in an interdisciplinary way. In this context, Catalyst is inviting students to an "Open Challenge" on 19 December, a digital event on the topic of "The Ageing Population & Social Change". The event aims to reach the most curious students to explore an often-overlooked change, that of ageing populations and the impact that elderly populations have in driving societal change.

The event lasts 3 hours and is free of charge.

More information about the programm "The Ageing Population & Social Change"

The number of participants is limited to 30. If you are interested, please send an email to: catalyst@wincoll.ac.uk 


Webinar: „Headmaster Interview & How to Prepare“ on 15/11/22

For all pupils, admission to an English school involves an interview conducted either by the Headmaster, the Deputy Head or also by another teacher. The aim of the interviews is usually to test the English of the German-speaking candidate. In addition, the school also wants to get to know the personality, character and interests of the young applicant and find out whether he or she is a good fit for the school and, conversely, whether the school is the right one for the student. A good interview in which you can present yourself authentically even in a foreign language is therefore crucial for the selection process. 

In our webinar, we explain what is important in an interview, which questions are often asked and how you can make an interview interesting as an applicant.

Tuesday, 15 November at 7:00pm (approx. 1 hour)
To register, please send an email to: info@glasmacher.de 

PPT of the Webinar


Webinar: „The CAT4 Test & How to Prepare” on 20/10/22

In recent years, many schools have started to test the general cognitive abilities of applicants rather than the subject knowledge of individual school subjects in the written tests. The most commonly used test is the "Cognitive Abilities Test" or CAT4. But what exactly is behind this diagnostic test procedure that is supposed to analyse how individual pupils learn and what their individual academic potential is?

Thursday, 20 Oktober at 7:00pm (approx. 1 hour)
To register, please send an email to:  info@glasmacher.de 

PPT of the Webinar


New cooperation with "The Garden"

 If you want to prepare for an upcoming stay in England, want to get a taste of various scientific topics or simply belong to the '"community of the curious", "The Garden" is just the right thing for you. Please contact us if you are interested, "Glasmacher Families" pay a reduced membership fee.



Last-minute boarding places

The school year has just started and your child realises that, like some of his or her classmates, he or she would have liked to go abroad. You are welcome to spontaneously apply for a stay in England during this school year. Some English schools still have places available at short notice.

We will be happy to advise you.


How to prepare for your start at boarding school

The start of term in September is fast approaching and the excitement is mounting! What an adventure: new school, new country, new culture, new language and of course… all those new faces! All our pupils find themselves in exactly the same situation and rest assured, most settle into boarding school-life in Britain within a few days or weeks.  This is in no small part due to the excellent preparation for new starters provided by the schools, supported of course by their families. That includes help with administrative hurdles and packing lists, as well as making sure that children feel emotionally ready to take this big step. 

In our webinar "Packing up and Settling in: How to Prepare for your Start at Boarding School" last year, our guests shared tips that are still relevant. 

See our webinar recording: https://vimeo.com/565575630/b0dace406a

Top Tips for Joining a British Boarding School



IB results 2022 published

Results are now available online for all IB students who took their final exams in May this year:

How to get results - Diploma Programme - International Baccalaureate