The Application Process

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We have summarised what an application for an English boarding school stay with us looks like in a short film.

Application Form

It is useful for us to have our application form before the meeting, but you can also send it in later. It can be completed online or downloaded as a PDF document that can be edited.

The application procedure explained in six steps:

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Step 1: Application documents

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We need the following documents from your child:

  • our application form. You can find it here 
  • two school reports (scanned, not photographed)
  • a personal statement written by your child (in English, approx. 1-2 pages, will also be sent to the schools)
  • a nice photo (sent electronically as a separate file).

  Please send these documents either

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Step 2: Student profile and personal consultation

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  • During the personal consultation we will discuss in detail the best start-date, length of stay, subjects, sports and other interests, costs, etc.
  • These meetings can take place in person in Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin or Wiesbaden, or anytime online.
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Step 3: School recommendations and introduction to schools

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  • We will recommend a list of  boarding schools that we consider best suited to what you and your child are looking for.
  • You will receive a list of these suitable schools from us
  • At the same time, we will send an initial enquiry to these schools based on the documents we have received from you and our discussions during the consultation.
  • At this point our one-off service fee of € 238.00 incl. VAT applies. This fee is payable irrespective of a successful placement.
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Step 4: Invitation to interview and visit

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  • After reviewing the application documents, several schools will invite your child to a
    personal or online interview
  • We recommend travelling to the UK and visiting three boarding schools 
  • We will be happy to co-ordinate the interviews with headmasters, teachers and houseparents for you and send your child some tips for the interviews in advance. You will also receive some tips for hotels or Bed & Breakfasts close to the schools from us.
  • Some schools already require the completed Registration Form at this point of the application.
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Step 5: Testing and place offers

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Some schools offer places based just on the interviews, others require a written test. If a place is offered directly, then you only have to:

  • complete the school's Registration Form and pay a one-off registration fee of approximately £100-300
  • receive the official Offer Letter including Acceptance Forms and Terms & Conditions. With the return of the signed forms and payment of a deposit (between  £1,000 and up to a full term's fees) enrolment is completed.

If entrance tests are required, then you have to register your child (see above) and organise invigilation of the entrance tests (through your local school or a lawyer/notary). The test papers are emailed directly to the test invigilator by the British boarding school. If the test scores are satisfactory, your child will be offered a place at the school (see above).

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Step 6: Off to Great Britain

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You're nearly done! Now you only have some admin left:

  • The school asks you for further forms such as a Medical Form, an IT Policy and sends its School Rules and Boarding Handbook.
  • You need to apply for your child's visa (for stays longer than six months).
  • You need to order the school uniform
  • Pack your suitcase and off you go!

Would you like to get an idea of our partner schools first?

We will be happy to send you our company brochure on English boarding schools.