Meetings with Parents and Students

We are happy to welcome you at our office in Munich for a personal consultation at any time. We are also available for consultations throughout Germany on various weekends.

Or we are happy to arrange an online consultation via Zoom or MS Teams.

Dates for in-person meetings with parents:

Munich: anytime

Hamburg: 2 + 3 June 2023

"Helene had a great experience of success in hockey, and was able to be part of a community with a team spirit that she never experienced in Germany."

Visits by British Boarding Schools

Our English partner schools visit us at regular intervals. If you are interested in meeting one of the schools in person, please feel free to contact us.

Future visits by British boarding schools:

29 March 2023 Stamford Endowed School Munich
29 March 2023 Dean Close School Munich
24 April 2023 Windermere School Munich
24 April 2023 Clifton College Munich
26 April 2023 IB Schools Fair Hamburg
27 April 2023 IB Schools Fair Cologne
28 April 2023 IB Schools Fair Munich


(Online) IB and A-Level Revision Courses in the Easter holidays - places still available

If your child is still feeling unconfident in one or two of his or her IB/A level subjects, you can book a so-called "Revision Course" during Easter holidays. In preparation for the final exams in May/June, the subjects chosen will be taught intensively over two or three days. If you are interested, please contact us. 


IB (International Baccalaureate) allows the use of ChatGPT

The IB (International Baccalaureate) is not going to ban the use of ChatGTP but will work with schools to help them support their students on how to use these tools ethically in line with our principles of academic integrity. It should be clear that AI-generated text, image or graph included in a piece of work, has been copied from such software. 

Statement from the IB about ChatGPT

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