Meetings with Parents and Students

We are happy to welcome you at our office in Munich for a personal consultation at any time. We are also available for consultations throughout Germany on various weekends.

Or we are happy to arrange an online consultation via Zoom or MS Teams.

Dates for in-person meetings with parents:

Munich: anytime

Wiesbaden:  3 December 2022

Hamburg: 14 January 2023

Visits by British Boarding Schools in Munich

Our English partner schools visit us at regular intervals in our Munich office. If you are interested in meeting one of the schools in person, please feel free to contact us.

Future visits by British boarding schools in Munich:

28 November Ashford School
28 November Wycliffe College
28 November Kent College
10 January 2023 Badminton School
12 January 2023 Ipswich School


Visit of Oswestry School in Munich

Peter Middleton, Headmaster of Oswestry School and Ferdinand, who is interested in this British school, harmonised so well with each other when they met in our office on 18 November that the following joint Star Jump was an easy task for both of them!

Foto Ferdinand


Open Challenge: "The Ageing Population & Social Change" on 19/12/22

The digital programme series "Catalyst" of Winchester College deals with current social topics in an interdisciplinary way. In this context, Catalyst is inviting students to an "Open Challenge" on 19 December, a digital event on the topic of "The Ageing Population & Social Change". The event aims to reach the most curious students to explore an often-overlooked change, that of ageing populations and the impact that elderly populations have in driving societal change.

The event lasts 3 hours and is free of charge.

More information about the programm "The Ageing Population & Social Change"

The number of participants is limited to 30. If you are interested, please send an email to: 

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