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IB Results Day 2023

All IB students have been working up to this day for two years. The IB results will be released on Thursday 6 July, 2023. We are keeping our fingers crossed for everyone!

Three IB graduates from our partner school Bedford School shared a few words of wisdom on this challenging programme: IB Boys Share a Few Words of Wisdom - Bedford School


IB Pilot Project in co-operation with UWC Atlantic College

In August 2023, about 20 students from United World Colleges Atlantic College will participate in a pilot IB project. In a tailored, project-based curriculum, IB candidates will explore complex real-world systemic challenges in four areas: Biodiversity, Energy, Food and Migration. Students will have two fewer Standard Level subjects than in the usual IB Diploma Programme and instead study and explore transformative change, systems leadership and making the world a fairer place for the future.. More information can be found here.


Keystone Tutors Webinar: "How to Use the Summer Holiday to Maximise your University Application"

How to make the most of the summer holidays to maximise your university application is the topic of the webinar from our partners at Keystone Tutors. Ed Richardson, Managing Director of Keystone, will be joined by Jenny McGowan, Keystone Director in Asia, to to discuss the sorts of preparation students can complete over the Summer Holidays of Year 12 to ensure they submit a strong UCAS application. The discussion will cover how to prepare effectively with particular reference to the importance of super-curricular learning, admissions tests and the personal statement.

The webinar will be most relevant to current Year 11 and Year 12 students but also suitable for younger students and parents planning ahead.

Further information and registration


"The best decision ever."

We were delighted to meet Dominik again today, who will be completing his A-Levels at Framlingham College in two weeks' time. Dominik originally wanted to spend only one term at Framlingham in Year 8, but it turned into five years in total. His English is so good that he now prefers it over speaking German. His current role as Head of CCF is, in his words, the peak of his stay at Framlingham. After completing his A-Levels, Dominik plans to study law or politics. Framlingham was the best decision of his life, he confirmed to us again today!

Dominik Baldamus v2


IB Schools Fair on 26, 27, 28 April in Hamburg, Cologne and Munich

Our top IB boarding schools are our guests on 26 April in Hamburg, on 27 April in Cologne and on 28 April in Munich. Interested families have the chance for one-to-one meetings with the following schools: Bromsgrove School, Haileybury, Malvern College, Sevenoaks School, Stonyhurst College and Worth School. If you are interested in meeting with one or more of the schools present, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Felsted School drinks reception in Munich on 12 May

Chris Townsend, Headmaster of Felsted School, welcomes alumni and current students, as well as interested families, to a reception in Munich on 12 May from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. If you are interested, please contact us.


(Online) IB and A-Level Revision Courses in the Easter holidays - places still available

If your child is still feeling unconfident in one or two of his or her IB/A level subjects, you can book a so-called "Revision Course" during Easter holidays. In preparation for the final exams in May/June, the subjects chosen will be taught intensively over two or three days. If you are interested, please contact us. 


IB (International Baccalaureate) allows the use of ChatGPT

The IB (International Baccalaureate) is not going to ban the use of ChatGTP but will work with schools to help them support their students on how to use these tools ethically in line with our principles of academic integrity. It should be clear that AI-generated text, image or graph included in a piece of work, has been copied from such software. 

Statement from the IB about ChatGPT


Haileybury: "One day more " - In remembrance of the opening of the school after the long Covid-19 Lockdown

On 8 March 2021, on the day two years ago the English schools revived after a lockdown of more than eight weeks and reopened their doors with strict hygiene concepts. The Haileybury team expressed their enthusiasm for the return of their students to campus in a special message: One Day More - The Haileybury Edit 


Webinar by Keystone Tutors: Top Tips for School Entrance Interviews

Many of our families are currently visiting schools in England. During these visits or as part of the entrance tests, candidates have to conduct an interview. To help you prepare for such an (often demanding) interview with a Headmaster, Deputy Head or Registrar, you can watch a webinar on this topic hosted by our partners from Keystone Tutors:  Top Tips School Entrance Interviews - Keystone Tutors

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