Off to England!

There are different reasons for going to school in the UK

  • Most students simply want to improve their English and get a taste of international life.
  • Some don't feel challenged enough in the current school system and want to move on to a more demanding academic environment.
  • Others, on the other hand urgently need a motivational boost.

One thing is certain, however: all students develop with the experiences they have in England. They become more independent, more open-minded and more self-confident. Every move abroad changes your own perspective and broadens your mind. Together with us, you will find out when is the right time to take this step.

Which school?

You immediately noticed that every teacher is really passionate about his subject and the students and that he is very keen to make the lessons exciting and to get the best out of us students.

Pauline, attended Gresham's School from 2019-22

When is the right time to go abroad?

The right time to go abroad is a very individual decision.

Your child's personality plays a large part here (is he or she ready for it?) and also whether the school at home grants leave to go abroad during standard school career.

The possible entry points into the British school system are at 13+ (Year 9 entry), 14+ (Year 10 entry), 15+ (Year 11 entry/Pre Sixth) and 16+ (Sixth Form) - but there are always exceptions to this rule! Most students join in September of any school year, but mid-year entries are also possible.

Learning together in the mornings and competing in sports in the afternoons bonds you together and allows you to make good friends quickly, even if you are new.

Alexander, attended Lancing College in 2021/2022

Boarding School - a model for success

Why international pupils are so happy at British boarding schools.

Oakham School Psychology Class

We often get asked why so many pupils return from their boarding school stay with such happiness on their faces. Here are some reasons:

  • Whether highly academic or needing special support of some kind - a good boarding school supports each child according to his or her individual requirements.
  • Teachers have a different standing in Britain and are correspondingly motivated and committed.
  • Small classes make it possible to teach the subject matter in a clear and interesting way. Learning is suddenly fun.
  • A huge range of additional activities such as sports, art, music  and IT are offered outside of the classroom. It's cool to get involved. 
  • Being away from home for some time stimulates the ability see the bigger picture and to think and act independently.
  • Last but not least, English is learnt more or less in passing.

Attending a British boarding school is a wonderful opportunity to make international friends for life: an ideal stepping stone to pursuing a career in our global world.

Without a doubt, the past two years in England were the best thing that could have happened to me for my personal and academic development.

Philipp, attended Ardingly College from 2020-2022

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We have summarised what an application for an English boarding school stay with us looks like in a short film.

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