Making 150 young people sustainably fit for the future - we support that!

The non-profit initiative 21future from Munich has launched a crowdfunding campaign called "Making 150 young people sustainably fit for the future". The aim is to raise funds to expand the work with children and young people who mostly come from disadvanted families. Since 2018, the 21future team has been organising one-week, project-based "learning journeys" dedicated to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in middle and secondary schools. More schools would like to invite 21future to organise a learning journey than the organisation can currently afford, so further funding is being raised in this way. We support the work of 21future wholeheartedly and also financially. Our managing director Mrs Theresa Glasmacher knows Mr Tahir Hussain, 21future's founder and CEO, well since their joint time at the London School of Economics. Please consider making a donation, however small or large! You can find the campaign under betterplace.org or you can donate directly via PayPal, just click here.

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