"Are English boarding schools the best schools in the world?" Theresa Glasmacher talks with TV producer and actor Klaus-Alexander Stecher

While enjoying a good cup of Afternoon Tea, Theresa Glasmacher was recently a guest in the podcast "BRITPOD - England at its Best". This Podcast is hosted by TV producer and actor Klaus-Alexander Stecher together with Claus Beling, who in Germany is famous for making Rosamunde Pilcher's novels into successful TV films. The Podcast's title is "Tradition, values and top academic standards: England's elite boarding schools and the prestigious London School of English" and addresses many of the important questions parents have when considering a British boarding school for their child: when is the right time to go, which school is the right one, does my son or daughter need certain grades for the application, or how is mobile phone use dealt with in schools. You can listen to the interview here:  https://linktr.ee/britpod


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