UK Entry & Residence Rules

Our Visa Guidline

EU/EEA students need a visa if they stay at an English school or university for more than six months. We have summarised the application procedure for you in our Visa Guideline. You will also find important documents for the application process on this page. There are three different ways for students from the EU/EEA to enter the UK to attend a boarding school or university:

  •  Visitor Route
    Applies to all students who intend to stay in the UK for less than 180 days . No visa is required, just a biometric passport and various supporting documents (e.g. confirmation from the school, proof of health insurance and a ‘Consent to Travel Letter’). If you already know the date of your planned arrival and departure, you can find out the number of days of your stay here. Holiday periods are not taken into account, the entire duration of the stay applies.

  • Child Student Visa
    Applies to all students aged 4 - 17 from the EU/EEA who will be in the UK for longer than six months. You must apply for a visa and also pay a National Health Service insurance fee. The decisive factor is the age at the time of application (important exception: if you are still under 18 but attending a foundation course in the UK, you must apply for a student visa ). Further information can be found at

  • Student Visa
    For all students who will be in the UK for longer than six months and who are 18 years or older at the time of applying for a visa, and for all participants on a Foundation Course. Further information can be found at

Useful documents for the visa application process

After the application has been submitted:

If you would like to check whether the visa has already been approved, please use the following link with the applicant's login details: View and Prove your immigration Status

Webinar "How to apply for a Child Student Visa" held on 6. March 2024

Speaker: Michelle Holmes, Managing Director, Holmes & Partner Ltd